Work smarter, people!

MOHJU creates on-brand graphics and streamlined business processes that help companies big and small get in front of their clients and keep their sanity.

aBout mohju

MOHJU’s vision is to make the world a happier place through creative and efficient systems and workflows.

We aim to serve all our clients, viewers, and customers with the tools that will free up their time and open up avenues to increase their revenue.

When working directly with clients, it is our primary goal to get the true long-term goals of their company and create the systems that will get them there.

Technology is rapidly accelerating and companies in all industries can take advantage of the tools to improve and expand their business.

We’re here to do the research, learning, implementing, and training for you.

To begin with, the name MOHJU doesn’t have any special meaning, at least to my knowledge. Plain and simple, it was a nice one-word, easy to pronounce name that had an available domain and social media handles.

Much like my choosing the name without overcomplicating the process, I started MOHJU to help other companies undo their complicated processes and systems.

I’m Chasity, lover of efficiency and MOHJU’s founder. For many years I helped friends and employers find better ways to complete the tasks that ate up their valuable time and energy. In doing so, it brought them freedom to use their minds and creativity to further their business in other ways. At the start of 2021 I decided to officially go into business as a consultant.

Chasity Williams MOHJU

chaSity WilliamS

Founder | Solopreneur

Based in Arlington, VA, USA