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We work with businesses either to improve processes that are currently in place or to create new processes from scratch. From solopreneuers and small businesses to larger organizations – if you or your team have ever grumbled about doing a redundant task, we have a solution.

What is automation
and why is it


Robotic Process Automation is, in short, letting a computer do all the intricate and boring repetitive tasks so that you can do the work you care most about.


When you see the benefits of automating your processes and systems, it’ll be nearly impossible for you to do things the old way.

Reclaim Time

Administrative tasks are completed instantly without additional employee input

Save Money

Increase capacity without having to hire new employees or contractors

Make Money

Let client-facing systems work on autopilot 24/7 to bring in new clients and increase your revenue

Inspired Staff

Employees have more time and mindshare for engaging and interesting work


Repetitive tasks are completed accurately each time, without you needing to continually supervise

Limitless Scalability

Bots can complete multiple complicated tasks quickly and efficiently

  • Automation
  • Graphic Design

Look for software solutions for your company

Create the systems within the new software for your team

Spend the needed amount of time with your team to help transition from old processes to the new process

Train your team on the new software and how to take advantage of its features


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  • Web ads
  • eBooks
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Social Media Posts
  • UI Wireframing & Prototyping Design
  • Digital Miscellaneous


  • Branded Identity Package
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  • Miscellaneous

Chasity saw an opportunity to leverage different systems to create many more for us. She took the initiative to meet with our Operations team, got permission to use Airtable and Adobe InDesign to create a new database from scratch and, as a result, she tripled our goal! She also created a manual to teach us how to do it ourselves going forward.

Stacey McClain

Director, National Geographic Society

In this generation it’s hard to meet and find those that truly care about their work, and going beyond to offer the best! MOHJU is the epitome of just that! The personal attention, time and dedication that was given as we rebranded our company and expanded our work flow systems were invaluable!

Tracey Casey-Arnold

Founder, TCA, LLC

Good experience working with Chasity. She created an excellent tool according to my specifications and provided outstanding customer support with the product. She went over and above with her product. Overall good experience.

Gerald Gafford

Owner, Tapout Fitness Frisco

[Chasity] is very organized and has the knowledge in new apps, etc. I run my own company and it really helps me to keep my documents organized, I was introduced to Airtable which really helps me in many ways and I’m still hooked to it. I have also introduced it to many people just because it really works for anyone who wants to keep things organized.

Shimalka Bodaragama

Founder, Waves of Glory

Chasity is a ROCKSTAR! I'm so glad she helped me streamline my business. I was growing quickly and needed to set up an email automation system with the CRM I'd already purchased but hadn't taught myself to use. She quickly learned the system, set up my customized auto-responders and other workflows! Highly recommend!

Amy Youssef

Owner, WaterKress Creative

Chasity created an awesome logo for me - couldn't be happier. I am a musician, and wanted something both artistic and non-obvious; Chasity delivered in a big way. Mohju is the place to go for creative workflow and design solutions - I would definitely recommend!!

Peter Haththotuwa

Musician - Peter Hath

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